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GovComm provides the same superior level of care regardless of your inquiry and size of your order. Whether you are a state department of transportation, tolling authority, municipality, contractor or commercial customer, you will receive highly available and compliant equipment along with support from the industry’s most talented engineers, technicians and support personnel.

GovComm ITS cameras are developed and tested to meet the highest standards. The company’s camera systems are then tested for NEMA TS2 compliance by independent laboratories to assure survival under extreme environmental conditions such as low and high temperatures, shock, vibration, electrical surge and category 5 hurricane force winds.

GovComm’s core camera product is its pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) dome style camera offered in various configurations. The company also offers PTZ positioner, fixed, thermal and bi-spectrum cameras.

GovComm’s artificial intelligence engine is powered by “You Only Look Once” (YOLO). YOLO is a real-time object detecting machine learning platform that detects, classifies and analyzes the presence and behavior of vehicles, persons and other objects. The Company’s technology was developed for highway and arterial traffic applications, but also extends to many other multimodal transportation market channels and use cases. YOLO interoperates with advanced traffic management system software and pairs with existing and new ONVIF® compliant ITS cameras.

GovComm AI platforms reside on NVIDIA® Jetson™ compute modules that provide exceptional performance and power efficiency to run GovComm’s YOLO AI engine. These compute modules have 100+ times the CPU, GPU, PMIC, DRAM, and flash storage compared to competitor equipment enabling faster and more accurate detections in real-time.

These NVIDIA® Jetson™ devices are deployed on-site and housed in a small NEMA enclosure or ITS cabinet. A central server cloud hosted solution is also offered for large-scale deployments.

GovComm wrong way driving countermeasure systems are designed to prevent potential collisions by warning offending drivers while alerting and providing an image verification of the event to the local traffic management center.

Speed Measurement, Vehicle Counting and Classification are valuable tools for traffic safety and managing traffic flow. GovComm’s AI statistics application offers an alternative to microwave sensors, with the added benefit of superb video imagery.

GovComm presence detection systems detect and report more intersection presence variables and communicates over the local IP network for better traffic management. For legacy traffic controllers, GovComm offers and an IP / analog interface.


We’re committed to providing the best products and services possible. In order to meet this promise, we vow to only hire friendly, positive people that share our core values, passion for helping others and obsession with customer service. When you place your trust in us, here’s what you can expect in return:

At GovComm, customers come first and are an integral part of our DNA

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GovComm’s equipment and systems are a cut above the rest and developed in a way that makes roads safer and more efficient. Our advanced tools, interfaces and reporting offer unmatched information and performance…changing the industry by raising the standard for excellence.

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My company is pleased with GovComm’s high level of customer service, fast delivery and overall professionalism…

Bruce Boyd, Director at Precision Contracting Services

GovComm ITS equipment has performed well for us, they deliver as promised and their customer service is superb…

Rafael Casasus, Sr. VP & COO at Sice, Inc

We can always count on GovComm to provide valuable ITS solutions and tier 1 support for our projects…

Sandra Mata, EVP at Rtech Engineering, LLC


GovComm drives the intelligent transportation industry forward by tackling its biggest challenges. By combining world-class engineering with software and analytics, GovComm helps the industry work more efficiently, reliably, and safely.

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